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We hope you enjoy the photos of our purebred Grand Champions, Champions, and Breeding Queens.

Skyhaven Birmans are registered with the Cat Fanciers' Association and appear frequently in cat shows.

Row 1

Skyhaven Fortune Cookie

...Fortune Cookie is a Blue Lynx female kitten.

Row 2

Skyhaven Fortune Cookie

Row 3

Row 4

Row 5

Skyhaven Fortune Cookie
(as a baby)

Row 6

Row 7

Skyhaven Fortune Cookie & Fifette
...having a tea party

Skyhaven Fifette
(Blue Lynx female kitten)

Row 8

GC Skyhaven Expo
This Blue Point Grand Champion is one of our male studs.

Row 9

Row 10

Row 11

Some 2010 Skyhaven Kittens

Row 12

Miss Lucy. A very sweet seal lynx point female kitten.

Miss Lucy in Ginko tree

Row 13

Miss Lucy.

Garfield. Blue lynx point male.
Loves to cuddle and purr.

Row 14

Skyhaven Hocus Pocus of Oshkosh

A seal point female kitten.

Row 15

Stunning sapphire blue eyes.

She is looking forward to travelling to Virginia USA to her new home.

Row 16


Fortune Cookie's seal point kitten

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